Valuable Recruiting Solution

Did you know that the first baby boomer, a retired teacher named Kathleen Casey-Kirschling from New Jersey, filed for Social Security benefits on Monday October 15th 2007? This seminal event, not only marks the start of an expected avalanche of Social Security applications from the post World War II war generation, but more importantly for the Healthcare Industry, it marks the beginning of a stampede for healthcare services nationwide!

This “Silver Tsunami” is going to place demands on healthcare providers unlike anything experienced in recent history! In order to keep pace with this exponential demand, employers will need to recruit, hire, and train significant numbers of healthcare professionals to satisfy the medical needs of retiring baby boomers.

Health Career Services is here to help you meet this challenge! We know that the need to fill open positions is great and trying to sort through stacks of resumes is time consuming and at best does not guarantee the best candidates. We add value to your efforts by providing the following benefits:

  • Our fees are offered solely on a contingency basis and include a guarantee. You have no risk and no obligation to Health Career Services. We are only paid if you hire one of our candidates.
  • We complement your efforts whether you advertise or have internal recruiters. Finding high quality healthcare professionals is always a challenge, so having Health Career Services as your backup plan can only help you!
  • We offer customized search services tailored to meet your specific needs. We take time to fully understand your human capital requirements, including background and experience preferences.
  • We use state of the art software and data mining technologies to find highly skilled and qualified healthcare professionals.
  • We deliver a total recruiting solution from sourcing and screening candidates, verifying licenses, to helping you manage the interviewing process. Our process is designed to ensure a successful hire!

Our goal is to help you exceed your talent acquisition targets and build a top performing organization in the healthcare industry. We are passionate about our commitment to trust, integrity, and service!!

Let Health Career Services help you overcome your recruiting challenges and prepare for the impending “Silver Tsunami”.

Contact us today at (214) 987-1864 or email us at info@healthcareerservices.com